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02.11.2018 09:28:00
Great service for "Likes" but not so great for "Followers" as you lose them pretty quick due to deleted accounts etc. Would definitely recommend if you want to boost your "Likes".
Explain this!
01.11.2018 18:53:58
I think this is a very good service but why does the twitch tab have no items and why is it there?
Vojtech - Kickliker CEO
01.11.2018 19:39
Hello. We have some Twitch services but they are now being improved and will be available again in no time!
01.11.2018 13:31:10
10/10 customer support. I've already recommended this service to so many of my friends!!! this is the only service that actually works!!!!
Vojtech - Kickliker CEO
01.11.2018 13:39
Thank you Dominic. We will do our best to keep you and your friends happy!
01.11.2018 00:30:28
I can’t access to my account. It’s the third time that happens, I can not use my money , I can’t buy any product! My posts are losing visibility... bad service, always mess with my account. Blocked me out!
Vojtech - Kickliker CEO
01.11.2018 08:26
Hello Bejamin. We never block anyone without purpose. Did you try to login with username (not email) ? Did you try to recover your password?
30.10.2018 20:00:54
This is the cheapest market for likes. I wish the followers too. Never mind. I mean you can try it.
30.10.2018 16:00:54
They canceled orders, at my request was told me that there is a minimum and maximum AMOUNT. Unfortunately the word amount isn't anywhere. I will never use this service again. NEVER
Vojtech - Kickliker CEO
30.10.2018 17:26
Hello Matjava. Unfortunelly we did not cancel it. Our system works completely automaticaly. You cannot buy 1 Instagram Likes product 20 times for 1 post, this is why it was automatically canceled. This is not how our system works. We have already given you a refund for your orders to make a proper order. We have done everything for you to be happy, why such an offensive manner?
30.10.2018 13:54:19
Kickliker is professional with their customer service and they will refund your orders if they can't get thru like not receiving followers or like etc. So far, its all good, the service i bought may have problem so they cancel it but anyways i just bought another order and see how it goes. If it goes well i will update my review. But the customer service is good. I mean not the support or contact team,i mean the CEO actually care.
30.10.2018 13:43:16
Hei do you have app on google store? By the way I ordet views! I`m super satisfied!! Came very fast!!
Maria H
30.10.2018 10:51:54
Wowww! I`m schocked! The video views came superrrr fast!!! The views came 10 minusts after I ordet! I feel so motivated to post! I will post videos every day now hahaha You guys are the best!!
29.10.2018 21:26:18
great service,customer service helped me, got my likes instantly.this site is the best ignore my prior reviews.
28.10.2018 09:13:27
Very nice customer care they give you refund if you had any hitches. I would recommend anyone and I’m not paid to say this.
28.10.2018 21:28
can you get me to 1k subs i will the help how much would i have to pay
25.10.2018 08:29:37
Great service. There is no way any website is cheaper and providing better customer service! Thx guys
25.10.2018 13:49
Lol, someone is spaming dislikes on my review. Stupid people everywhere...
20.10.2018 21:08:08
They offer the lowest price on the market for likes!!! I am recommending all my friends here! :)
20.10.2018 14:29:42
WOW! Istant 5,000 likes on my post!
Shaun Peh (Singapore)
15.10.2018 14:08:03
I have been using their services for some time and im hooked. Support have been tremendously helpful which is what i find commendable unlike other dealers..
14.10.2018 07:43:45
This site is amazing for likes with them being instant! The support team is super helpful and patient. Will continue to buy in the future along with recommending to friends :) ?
14.10.2018 07:28:11
I was very skeptical about using this service before starting however I can assure you that this service is literally the best and I mean THE best service you can get with an absolutely unbeatable price. Believe me it's very worth it!
13.10.2018 22:07:30
In fairness, I need to write here again saying that the option of buying less than 50 likes is back, I’m sorry I thought you permanently removed it and I gave low review points ... I do recommend this site for likes, if it remains like this , it’s the best quality place to buy likes, they deliver fast and never lose them. Thank you and excuse my previous review.
13.10.2018 09:44:39
Thnx so much! I got 5000 like for only 1$, Dont buy followers though you lose them quick! Like and views are great!! Good price too!
13.10.2018 16:51
Hey ! I wanted to know if you received the likes instantly or it took some time ? Thanks ?
Peter - Kickliker COO
14.10.2018 09:52
Hello Maorie, delivering time varies product from product, if you look for faster delivering of our Likes, I would recommend to check products with feature "FAST" or "TURBO" also bear in mind that its well recommended to check product details as well. In case of any doubt, feel free to contact our support team at or leave ticket via website widget (located right bottom corner)
11.10.2018 21:51:54
Amazing Work with all websites but the things I really want the admins to add is twitch options ad permeant followers on Instagram