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15.09.2018 17:40:45
wakanda foreveeeer??‍♂️
My Tingles
12.09.2018 11:03:27
FIRST and FOREMOST: If humans have the need to FAKE stuff, then those who are able to give them the fake stuff should help them boost their FALSE ego and charge them real good for it. You can't have something fake and expect it to last forever. You coul use Kick Liker and other such apps for fun to get back at people who annoy you. Example: Send them followers and likes. Let them wonder why they suddenly have 15,000 followers (who would disappear afater a while any way) or send them 15,000 likes 5 minutes after they publish a post. THAT is fun! ...... To that effect, I think they (as well as other apps that fake likes and followers) are doing a great job! Its those who use such apps to boost their fake egos who need to ask themselves what they want in life. Thank you ... Don't follow me on Instagram please. It's not real life and in the end, we all die!
13.09.2018 08:56
This is better than infinity warcraft. So much fun with that button
Lafiya Marsch
07.09.2018 19:23:40
Thank you very much!! Best service ever!
06.09.2018 11:56:07
The followers you do buy will disappear after a while meaning you’ve spent your money on nothing. Likes and views on the other hand are good.
Petr - Customer Happiness Dpt.
06.09.2018 12:48
Hello Lucas, we are very sorry for your disatisfaction. Unfortunately this fact, that some of the followers may disappear is caused by Instagram itself and we mention this fact at each product details, they may unsub in the future, you can be sure we are trying to make all info as transparent as possible. Feel free to check product details before you place an order, if that particular product really fits your expectations. Best Regards Petr
03.09.2018 20:44:30
Okej,all these reviews that say scam and shit must be some other website that offers the same services. they have quite cheap prices on alot of instagram views/likes. Instagram followers it can be a bit cheaper but still not gonna say its not excellent because i dont like pricing. Also their support is amazing,so for any issue,before commenting scam or whatever,go ahead and open a ticket,youll receive a refund in no time.
H B.
03.09.2018 18:59:58
Service has worked very well for me. When and if there’s a problem with my order it usually gets solved within 24 hours.
Linda S.
03.09.2018 13:23:27
Good service. Some cheap products have longer delivery, but it's still ok. Customer service is very kind
01.09.2018 17:11:29
amazing service didnt think it would work but give it about 5 minutes and itll get the job done!
01.09.2018 17:09:59
amazing service didnt think it would work but all proxies are delivered almost instantly
13.09.2018 09:01
COmmunication helps. I had issues with my account when the site was down. I contacted them...even gave me a refund of the funds I had in there when my account disappeared.
31.08.2018 13:01:06
This service is great. They have excellent customer service and they provide the service you order. Their service is probably by far the cheapest I've seen out there.
Jake paul
31.08.2018 04:40:57
I used this app to get more views on YouTube AHHAAAHAH
24.08.2018 06:13:36
Absolutely great support team! Answered to a few seconds and issue resolved immediatelly.
22.08.2018 15:24:58
Amazing, These guys are great! If you have any problems just jump on support and they fix it literally within seconds!
18.08.2018 10:44:32
Best service I used so far. Highly recommended!
15.08.2018 17:01:02
Very good service, Peter is a good boy, fast and professional
Robert Vash
15.08.2018 13:22:11
Excellent service, ordered likes and arrived within a few minutes. Guys at customer care are amazing, very helpful and took me through the process of sign up till placing my first order. I will definitely come back!
Edison Billy
15.08.2018 13:18:21
Very good service, sometimes orders come with little delay but customer service is allways willing to help me.