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Run your own Kickliker service

Are you interested in running your own online business? Learn more about the Kickliker franchise

We offer one of the best opportunities for $1000 to start your own online business with us.

Launch your SMM service for the promotion of social networks just like Kickliker, but with your own logo, domain and payment gateway. Develop your business remotely from anywhere in the world!

You will only need to attract new customers and provide email support to them. Our developer team will keep developing new features for all our dealers and also keep the system updated.

Run a global service, just like Kickliker or translate the system to your native language and sell it to your local customers with your local currency.

Working on the Kickliker franchise every dealer receives:
  • The result of many years of team work
  • Ready-made business with calculations
  • The team of developers and technical support
  • Knowledge base and our Marketing experience
  • Business plan for years ahead
  • Strong team of SMM marketing specialists
  • Minimum cost for promotion

If you are interested in franchise, you can contact Kickliker CEO: